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Seoul International Book Fair 2018 (23 June 2018)

This was a four day event from June 20~June 24. We were able to attend the event on the 23rd. Without knowing what to expect, we arrived with bells on with much anticipation of what high-tech Seoul would offer. It certainly did not disappoint. Before we can to the exciting stuff, some background info is needed: For variety they were offerings of Fiction, Non-fiction, Self-help, Business, Education, Comics, Publishers, Bookstores, and more. Its main sponsors were the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism; Korean Publishing Promotion Foundation; Korean Publishing Industry Promotion Agency.

The Jory was of particular interest as an Early Childhood Development tool; used alongside an ipad, a childhood development development programme is downloaded first. With a connection cable or Bluetooth the Jory and ipad are paired. Once this is done the doors of interactive learning are opened. It sings along. It cheers your child on. It dances. It eats, as well as asks questions. This is great for young children that need interaction and actions of affirmation. We are in the process of making this available to our subscribers and visitors. For our broader audience, we were particularly impressed with General Onnolgic Soft's software. They started out believing three things

1) Pioneers in mathematics education for a new paradigm: ‘The study of math is the process of discovering the designs and patterns in life forms within nature by observing it. You can get closer to finding out the secret of nature if you experience and learn about it. The proper way to study mathematics is to find out the secret of nature. The world is changing rapidly, and children think differently from the past. The change of children, who are the consumers of education, requires changes in math education, as well. Math textbooks also need to be rewritten. We must return to the world of mathematics as the Ancient Greek philosophers thought of it. Keeping this in mind, we came up with thoughts and ideas for a new content for math education.'

2) Creators of a consumer centered education framework : ‘Fortunately, consumer-centered education has become possible with the advancement of information and communications technology. The IT revolution made available a whole new dimension of consumer-centered education service that goes beyond the educational service a student could get from a teacher in Ancient Greece. To provide consumer-centered education through IT, changes to content is required. We have created a framework that enables education to be focused on the consumers, not the suppliers.’ 3) Designers of innovative education method and an educational community of a new paradigm: 'In response to the modern trend, we developed math education content using natural language, appropriate for setting a standard of global math education. The contents we have come up with open up an education platform of a new paradigm suitable for both the IT and the DT era. This is the innovative education product that everyone has been looking for.’

From what we saw they have since expanded into other content subjects offering a digital offering of content courses.

The theme of the event clearly seemed like that of learning through interaction; foldable zoo animals, new technology for learning subjects, instructions on how to build a robot on your own, coloring by stickers. Chuckles. No more looking through old magazines to shred different colors to create a picture collage from scratch---all done for you in one book! Eager mothers and offspring were crawling everywhere in a frenzy. There were also looks of indecision as kids were faced with hard choices on what to take home. For those who simply came to be entertained there was a large group of kids gathered to participate in some black ink-random platter-art…with a touch of mini worker ant robots. Little humans clutching onto their shirt collars trying to conceal shrieks of excitement. The exhibitor would simply re-position the mini bots to avoid blotting in one area. The kids? The kids were great; they’d sit at the edge of the large white canvas pushing in the mini bots if they got to the edge. The Seoul Book Fair was a delight to attend, and a scholarly feast for the eyes and learning functions. Attending next year’s event is a no brainer. We’ll be there with bells on!

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